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summary Lokad CQRS guidance in form of article series and tutorials

Article Series and Tutorials

Article series and tutorials represent an incremental introduction to Lokad.CQRS and building solutions with it. Basically, it's a free and open-source course that helps you to better understand scalable enterprise solutions and build them.

You can either work through these articles and tutorials in incremental fashion, or just glide through the introduction and jump directly to the tutorial of your linking.

Some of the articles reference samples included in Lokad.CQRS code. Download Samples!


Please, keep in mind, that this portion of guidance is currently under active development along with the samples behind. You can subscribe to the updates.


Introduction into the project.

Big picture behind the project, some nice diagrams and comparison of Lokad.CQRS and Lokad.Cloud.

We'll talk about messages and their types: commands and events. There will also be the the first code sample of actually using Lokad.CQRS App Engine in Windows Azure to send and handle some messages. Sample 01 is covered.

Dive deeper into the Lokad.CQRS App Engine - exploring bits of architecture, running scheduled tasks and listening to messages. Sample 02 is covered here.

Learn about efficient way of using SQL Azure (or any relational database engine) with the Lokad.CQRS NHibernate Module. Based on Sample 03.

How to implement advanced and reliable task scheduling with calendars in Lokad CQRS. Sourced are provided in wiki.

ProtoBuf serialization (by Google) is the recommended way of serializing messages in .NET. Learn why and how to enable this serialization in Lokad CQRS, based on Sample 04.

We explore how Sample 04 records details about failing messages. Even ProtoBuf messages can be printed in a human-readable format.

Quick overview about the first release of Lokad.CQRS that includes all samples referenced above.

More articles are planned soon. Subscribe to the updates.

Additional Materials

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