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Azure Starter

Azure Starter is a set of prepackaged .NET assemblies from Lokad.CQRS Build. These assemblies are conveniently merged together to simplify learning Lokad.CQRS and starting projects with it.

What's included

Currently Lokad.CQRS Azure Starter includes:
  • Lokad.Cqrs.AzureStarter.Core - all core functionality for AppEngine (depends only on Azure SDK)
  • Lokad.Cqrs.AzureStarter.NHibernate - if you need to leverage NHibernate ORM (depends on Core and Azure SDK).

Where to get

You can obtain Lokad.CQRS Azure Starter by:
  • Checking out the Downloads (not available at the moment of writing)
  • Looking inside Samples/Library folder.
  • Building from the latest code yourself.

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