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In order to build, Lokad.CQRS requires .NET 4.0 Framework with MSBuild installed.

You might additionally need ILMerge.exe (download and put exe into Resource/ILMerge folder), should you want to build merged AzureStarter libraries.

Building Assemblies

Lokad.CQRS can currently produce two DLL sets. First set is a full DLL set, containing unmerged assemblies from the project (includes 19 of them, most of which are NHibernate dependencies). There are no merges or hidden complexities there. It can be built from the source by executing inside the Framework folder:
go /t:clean;copy

Produced dlls could be found inside the Build/Raw folder:


Obviously, that might feel like a little over-kill for the developers just learning Lokad.CQRS or trying to create a quick prototype project. Hence there is AzureStarter kit, which is also used in Lokad.CQRS Samples.

Building AzureStarter

AzureStarter assemblies represent same original assemblies merged together in order to simplify learning, prototyping and spiking into Lokad.CQRS for Windows Azure.

You can build AzureStarter assemblies from the trunk by executing the following command inside Framework folder:
go /t:clean;build-azure-starter
It will produce same set of assemblies (output to Build/AzureStarter) that are already found under Samples/Library folder (versioned).

Note, that sn.exe (Strong Name Tool) of .NET SDK should be within the PATH, while executing this query.

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