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Lokad.CQRS guidance in form of references to well-known practices and materials.


As an alternative to the incremental series and tutorials learning course or diving into the code, Lokad.CQRS offers a complete dive-in approach into the theory and practice behind this project.

Just make yourself comfortable and pick the reading to your liking.


The project is based on Windows.Azure experience and support of Lokad as well as:

Command-Query Responsibility Segregation

Introduction into CQRS and some references.

Let's do a brief overview of CQRS, DDD and other related buzz-words in the domain of enterprise development. We'll give a simplified explanation, highlight some logical relations and provide links for further reading.

Let's walk over the UI validation and business rules as they work out in the CQRS world.

More on the Command-Query Responsibility Segregation

Business Intelligence

Intelligent software brings and saves money. So let's learn about injecting some business intelligence into a simple .NET application.

Persisting domain events for your enterprise software solution or entire company provides much better insight into the business. It also helps to anticipate the future and be prepared for it, gaining competitive advantage. Time Machine with LINQ capabilities can help here out.

Intelligent Development

Let's automatically visualize and document your DDDD/CQRS solution using some reflection and Visio 2010

Let's talk about using Graph# project to layout and visualize complex dependencies in IoC containers and in enterprise solutions.

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