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Past history and future plans for the Lokad.CQRS project.

Roadmap for Version 1.0

Currently efforts around Lokad.CQRS project are focused on publishing and porting existing code from to the community, along with providing additional samples and explicit guidance on using the functionality.

Release 1.0 progress


May 2007 xLim 1 research started in Efficient Development.
September 2007 xLim 2 research started in SmartClient and Composite Solutions.
May 2008 xLim 3 research started in Distributed Solutions.
27 May 2009 Lokad starts Lokad.Cloud project for the distributed computing with Windows Azure.
Januay 2010 xLim 4 research started in CQRS in the Cloud.
08 May 2010 First public drop of the source code.
28 May 2010 Public release of Lokad Salescast project built with Lokad.CQRS.
10 June 2010 Lokad creates CQRS project on Google Code and CodePlex.
15 October 2010 Lokad.CQRS v1 released!

Additionally, check out source control history for this project

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